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Per Colorado State Law C.R.S.19-3-304, directors, coaches, assistant coaches or athletic personnel employed by a youth sports organization are considered mandatory reporters.  Please see more information in the link below and take the online course. 

You can submit any Mandatory Reporter course certificate if you have taken it through somewhere else (takes about 30 minutes depending on your choice of learning methods). Please send course certificate to



Concussion Information

Per Senate Bill 11-040 it is mandatory all coaches to have completed a concussion certification course before stepping onto a field. Head coaches, it is your responsibility to make sure your coaches are all in compliance.

For head coaches who registered as a full team, you will certify that you and all your assistants have completed a qualified concussion training course. Qualified course would be Chase, Heads Up, and NHS. All training is updated annually and you must be able to provide certificates upon request. By registering, you are attesting that you and your coaches have concussion certification as outlined by Senate Bill 11-040 - The Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act.

For head coaches who register as part of an individual players team, every coach on your team must provide Jeffco Coop verification of their concussion certificate. Returning South Jeffco and Bear Creek coaches from Spring/Summer baseball, we already have your certifications on file.

For our free concussion course use the following link  Once completed, email a copy of the certificate to  Please put in the email subject line 'Concussion Certificate - Team Name (Coach) - Your First and Last Name'.  Many coaches may have a copy of their concussion certificate from this spring season.  We can use that certificate as well.  Please email those to Lisa as mentioned above.

Background Check

Background checks are required for all coaches who step on the field.

For head coaches who registered as a full, outside team, you will certify that you and all your assistants have completed a background check through your local league or tournament provider. Your background check is updated annually. By registering, you are attesting that you and your coaches have completed an annual background check. Please have your passed background available if your team parents ask to verify.

For head coaches who register as part of a South Jeffco team, an individual players team, your background check as well as all your assistants must be verified by the Jeffco Coop (the South Jeffco office - per our commitment to the safety of our individual registered participants. If the Jeffco Coop does not have a copy of your current back ground check using their prefered service you will be required to complete one.

For background checks, go to If you have not created an account on previously please do so as an active South Jeffco account is needed. Once created, select Background Check Policy & Link on the left navigation tabs, scroll to the bottom to register, the head coach for each team will be given the password after they have registered. Once logged in, a new page will require your username and password to proceed. Please contact or the fall baseball director for the password if you did not receive one. 

Note: Head Coaches, please provide with a list of your assistant coaches names to better assist us in assigning your assistants to the team once background checks and concussion certificates have been verified.  Please put in the email subject line 'Assistant Coach details - Team Name (Coach)'.  

Team Insurance

Through the Jeffco Coop league, we will provide team insurance through South Jeffco Sports Association for those teams that utilize our individual player registration.  Teams that register as a full team (Team Registration), you are required to provide us a copy of your own insurance policy. Please email a copy of the policy to  Please put in the email subject line 'Team Insurance - Team Name (Coach)'. Liability shall not be less than 1 million dollars.

Player Waiver

Players that are part of a full team registration must have a signed waiver.  Please print one waiver/release below for each member of your team. They must be signed by the parents and sent to us at:  Jeffco Sports Cooperative, 6657 W Ottawa Suite D-1, Littleton CO 80128. You can also email us signed copies to or fax them to 303-979-7907. 

Team Roster Information

Head coaches must provide us a team roster. When you register your team, there is now a form where you will fill out roster information. We understand these may only be partial rosters initially, and we will update the rosters once you have filled your teams. Please use the following template if you were not able to provide a full roster at registration, Fall Team Roster.xlsx.  Once completed, please email rosters to and to Fall Baseball Director. Please put in the email subject line 'Team Roster - Team Name (Coach)'.


We provide a single practice slot for every team that is filled with individual registrations.  Teams that register as a full team are not provide practice fields.  A second day or cage time maybe secured after practices have been assigned.  Head coaches please email to Fall Baseball Director Nick Arnold - and to your desire day, time, and location for practice. Please put in the email subject line 'Team Practice Request - Team Name (Coach)'.


The umpires and site directors will provide the game balls.

We make a best effort to schedule double headers back to back, but that is not always possible. Most games will be held at the same location. Some teams may have to travel to different locations, specifically those playing 60/90 with grass infields as those fields are spreadout.



Click here for the fall baseball rules.